Pumps and Well Tanks

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How Do Well Systems Work

A pressure tank, which stores water inside the house, acts as a reservoir. Inside the tank is an air bladder that becomes compressed as the water is pumped in.  The  resulting pressure in the tank is what moves the water through the plumbing system. When the pressure reaches a preset level, a switch stops the pump. Water is drawn out of the tank, which allows the well pump to rest. When the reservoir level falls to a certain point, the pump comes on automatically, refilling the tank and providing the home with a continuous supply of water.

Who We Are

Northwest Pipe and Supply is Livingston County’s original plumbing & heating supply company, carrying the biggest selection of plumbing supplies since 1952. We are a top supplier of Well Pumps and Tanks.

Well Pumps and Well Tanks Maintenance

The tank, controls, and pump need to be checked annually to ensure optimum operating efficiency. Over time, well tanks can leak and well pumps can lose pressure (or stop pumping water altogether). Performing checks on your well system to ensure that all the components are working properly is essential for a top performing well system.

Brands we carry

  • Myers Pumps
  • Starite Pumps
  • Zoeller Pumps – Sump & Sewage
  • Little Giant Pumps – Sump & Sewage
  • Wellextrol Water Storing Tanks